Full Name
Eugenio Jardim
Job Title
US Ambassador
Wines of Portugal
Speaker Bio
Currently, as an Independent Wine Consultant, Sommelier and Wine Educator Eugenio Jardim conducts high-profile, private and corporate wines classes, seminars and tastings, in the US and Brazil, while acting as the Brand Ambassador for Ernest Vineyards, a new boutique producer of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from Sonoma Coast. In January 2014 Jardim joined as partner, Esprit de Champagne, a small import company dedicated to bringing the finest Grower Champagnes to the US market. In 2014 he also became the Director of Wine Studies at the San Francisco Cooking School.

Jardim brings passion and creativity to all the projects he is involved, insisting that everyone’s encounter with wine should be fun, illuminating and exciting. He brings a unique international style to his eclectic and award-winning lists, wine classes and seminars, because his approach to wine is focused on hand-selected high quality, small production, and sustainable wines from the most innovative producers in the World.

He has built a reputation for seeking out the new and exciting wines of the world. His approach to wine is fun but professional, educational and non-threatening, creating an enjoyable experience rather than an intimidating one.
Eugenio Jardim