Full Name
Briana Wagner
Job Title
Schussboom Brewing Company
Speaker Bio
Briana Wagner is the President of Schussboom Brewing Company. Briana has been operating Schussboom Brewing Co. since opening in June 2021. Schussboom Brewing Co. is a brewpub and propane refill station with 45 employees and open 7 days a week.
Prior to opening Schussboom with her husband, Jason Wagner/Brewmaster and VP, she was a special events manager for 20 years. Briana’s degrees, in both Advertising and Fine Art from the University of Nevada Reno, propelled her career in event management and marketing. While living in San Diego, Briana worked in the Chamber of Commerce industry for 5 years and then started her own event management company which she ran for 5 years prior to moving back to Reno, NV. During this time she executed approximately 130 special events that
ranged in size from 500 to 40,000 people as well as hundreds of networking events. Managing special events and working for the chamber required her to manage budgets, schedules, volunteers, permits, contracts, logistics and marketing.
Since opening Schussboom Brewing Co. Briana has executed numerous special events each year, assisted numerous non-profits in their fundraising efforts, and continues to manage and operate a multi-million dollar business. She has taken on the role of Event Chair for the Nevada Craft Brewers Association and uses this platform to represent and market all Nevada craft breweries in the media and nationally.
Briana Wagner