Full Name
Kim Cook-Sorano
Job Title
Director of Food & Beverage
Sky Zone
Speaker Bio
Kim Cook-Sorano is the Director of Food and Beverage for Sky Zone. Prior to her move to active indoor entertainment, Kim spent ten years in the theatre industry and had a full career prior to that in traditional Food and Beverage within the restaurant/bar/hospitality space. She has also spent time on the distribution side of the food business. She has worked with legacy brands such as Applebee’s, Ghirardelli’s, and Trader Vis, as well as numerous casinos and small, local businesses. She also owned and operated a full-service restaurant and entertainment venue in Las Vegas.​
​Kim serves on the Board of Directors, is co-chair of the Outreach Committee, and is a member of the Auction and Golf Committees with National Association of Concessionaires (NAC). She has also previously served as the Director of Development for Women in Exhibition (WIE) and as the Director of Outreach on the Board of Directors for Women in the Industry (WITI).​

Kim’s wide breadth of experience and incredible ability to relate to people make her a powerful agent for change. She believes in the capacity of each person to direct the course of their own lives and invites them to step up and ask for the support they need. She strives to foster a positive environment of personal empowerment to encourage those around her to take their next steps. She considers her greatest professional milestones to be the achievements of those who were developed alongside her.
Kim Cook-Sorano