Full Name
Christie Lawler
Job Title
Founder & Owner
Cjl Consulting
Speaker Bio
Christie Lawler is a leading expert in beverage marketing as the Founder & Owner of CJL CONSULTiNG, a beverage marketing agency that houses a nonprofit organization – The WITI Group, and a line of infusion and mixology products – JAB MiXOLOGY. She is a public speaker and working on her first book. She is also the host of Lawler Out Loud: Mixing up the Mainstream – a podcast about to enter its third season, featuring trendsetters and newsmakers around the hospitality industry.

In 2018, Christie developed the charitable side of her career founding The WITI Group, a 501(c)(3) foundation focused on empowering and supporting the women of the hospitality industry. In just two years, the foundation has grown from an idea to a collective of more than 200 female leaders across the food and beverage industry. She is also known for creating the only non-profit, female-only, invitation-only conference in the hospitality industry – The WITI Conference.

In 2020, Christie launched her first product line with the release of JAB MiXOLOGY, a line of infusion jars and products that create hand crafted cocktails in two simple steps. JAB stands for “just add booze” and simplifies the process of mixologist-crafted cocktails for the consumer. By taking the guesswork out of mixology, the in-home cocktail experience is elevated and demystified.

Christie is proud to volunteer as a CORE Ambassador, serving as the Co-Chair for the Welcome Committee. She also serves as Chair on The WITI Group’s Board of Directors as well as an advisory board member for “The Bar” with Datassential. CJL CONSULTiNG is proud be a member of the Female Founders Collective and WBENC Certified as a Woman-Owned Small Business.
Christie Lawler