Full Name
Daniel Milmo
Job Title
Co-Managing Director
Casa Madero Winery
Speaker Bio
Daniel Milmo is the Co-Managing Director of Casa Madero Winery, the oldest winery in the Americas. He a fifth generation member of the Madero family, keeping the dynasty alive and in charge of the legacy that his elders have worked since 1597. Casa Madero is the Mexican winery with the most international recognitions.

With a passion for and devotion to the wines, Daniel grew up involved in the processes of production and surrounded by the wine world. Respecting the soil and cultivating his love for the grapes, he sets his vision to accomplish great success with Casa Madero. He works hand in hand with his brother, with whom he shares an adoration for their company, with the idea of taking the principles and founding values of the winery into the future. Daniel studied in the United States and holds an MBA from the University of San Francisco.
Daniel Milmo