Full Name
Tommy Lam
Job Title
Asian Wine Institute
Speaker Bio
Tommy Lam, who was born and raised in Singapore, was and still is a very ambitious man in every sense of the word. That’s the least we can say! He actually started to get in touch with wine as a “requirement that initially made him follow (and certify) an MBA in wine management in Bordeaux, but eventually turned into a passion . When he returned home after his MBA many people started asking him if he could teach them a few things about wine… at that moment he realized he didn’t know anything as he had only learned about the wine business, not about how to make wine, about viticulture, about service, so he went back and studied some more. Over the years he obtained many certification like for Sherry wine educator, CSWE Wine program director, Court of Master sommeliers, specialist in wine, specialist in spirits, Sake Sommelier (advanced), Whiskey ambassador and the list goes on and on. All to be able to educated other people and because his hunger to knowledge became bigger.
Tommy Lam