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Jules Robbins
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Jules Robbins is the Founder & CEO of VinesOS. She was born in London, grew up in Toronto, graduated from Queen's University, and resides in Bay Area, California. After years of working for the tech giants, Bell Canada's 'Sympatico' and AOL Canada, she was promoted to executive producer for AOL and Netscape, moving to sunny California in 2000. After several years with Netscape, AOL, and Yahoo!, she set off to follow her dreams. Her passion was to create a Direct-To-Consumer platform for a unique vertical at the heart of California -- the wine industry -- lending her expertise from the top ladder of Corporate America to a sector that significantly needed powerful, innovative, and modern technology. Jules has successfully funded and led VinesOS for over 20 years. Today, VinesOS continues to accelerate and improve how wineries manage direct-to-consumer experiences. Jules enjoys getting outdoors, wine tasting with friends, and cheering at her daughter's waterpolo games.
Jules Robbins