Full Name
Earl Sullivan
Job Title
Founder - Head Winemaker
Telaya Wine Co
Speaker Bio
From growing up in a small town in Kentucky and working summers on our family farm to meeting my wife in Ecuador to crazy work experiences in Africa to running an international pharmaceutical company and traveling 280 days a year, and trying to balance all of this while trying to raise two amazing children into the young men they are today, my life has been a wide range of experiences. I took all of these, good and bad, and put them into a model for creating a different kind of company. Out of that Telaya Wine Co and its subsequent ventures were created.
As a seasoned executive, I have grown into a facilitator, coach, and leader with more than 25 years of experience developing companies across a diverse range of industries. I focus on taking human capital and creating an intelligent cultural shift to assist companies in understanding the base culture, employees, customers, and the end resulting revenue streams.

Everyone has a customer and everyone should understand hospitality. While growing and advising companies, I have worked with clients in the hospitality, high-tech, financial services, and healthcare industries. I have successfully worked with clients in a wide range of geographic areas and understands the cultural sensitives of multinational businesses including successfully working in Asia, Latin America, and Europe. In addition I sit on a variety of small company boards and non-profits as an advisor or board member.

Through real world, down to earth and practical education and consulting I help C’s to line staff engage in the business in a meaningful and practical manner resulting in alignment across the company and an corresponding increase in corporate strength (i.e. revenue).

My focus is hospitality and how to create a corporate culture that will grow and drive a business through team development, culture creation, and hospitality standards and flow. If you take care of the employee, they will take care of the customer and that will take care of the profits. The models that we have created focus on a core company culture driving decisions with significant growth and revenue potential.
Earl Sullivan