Full Name
Gigi Griselda
Job Title
Western Market Manager
Speaker Bio
Griselda Garza, “Gigi”, has a passion for agave that started at a young age and has led to an on-going journey of experiences, education and friendships.

She began her career in the alcohol beverage industry in 2002 but her love of agave started much earlier. Being raised In Jalisco, Mexico meant spending time selling a multitude of varieties of beans and spices with her grandfather at the tiangis every Sunday, partaking in the cultural celebrations so prevalent in Mexico (she even won awards as a dancer in her teens!) and of course experiencing tequila. However, her love of tequila (and later agave) really began at 17 when she was studying tourism and was invited to a tequila distillery and became enamored with the history and sensory experiences that this beautiful distilled spirit offered.

In 1996 after graduating from the tourism program, Gigi left Mexico. But she knew in her heart that one day she would represent the finest agave spirits Mexico had to offer and tell their story across the country. Shortly after her arrival she started working for a Mexican beer company needing representation in California and began to understand the business side of the industry along with staying close to what was happening back in Mexico with tequila, mezcals and learning about raicillas, sotols and bacanoras. As she began to build a name for herself in the Multicultural marketplace growing a medium beer brand into an import leader in Los Angeles, spirits companies also began to take notice. She decided to take a management position with a Cognac house and then later represent a wider variety of craft brands. During her time with these spirit companies she noticed how highly skilled bartenders had become and how proud and innovative they were for the craftsmanship of the cocktails they created. She also took note of the increased interest of not only tequila but the excitement around mezcals. It was then she knew it was time to come full circle and represent spirits from her first love…agave.

In early 2019 her dream was finally realized when 3 Badge was looking to fill a Western State Market Manager position for their spirit division that included Uncle Val’s Gin, Kirk & Sweeney Rum, La Pivon Vermouth and of course Bozal Mezcal and Pasote Tequila. This has now given her the opportunity to spread her passion about agave spirits and educate while also continuing to learn from the large global family that are linked by the wonders of agave.
Gigi Griselda