Full Name
Miguel Rodriguez
Job Title
Sales Director
Legends Wine & Spirits
Speaker Bio
From a young age, Miguel showed a determination and drive not just to be accomplished, but to do succeed in a field that was also his passion. A goal to be successful in the restaurant industry became evident from his college days, driven, to operate and grow some of the finest restaurants in America. One could easily argue that he did accomplish this having become a GM with the Mastro’s Restaurants group at the age of 30 years old. He has worked every position in a restaurant, from dishwasher to Bartender, from Sommelier to Area Manager. He has also being an On-Premise Sales rep, and an Area Manager for 2 different distributing companies.
While he worked in the restaurant industry, he developed a passion for good food, wine, spirits and cocktails and knew early on in his career that his love for these would develop into a lifetime of adventures. He became a sommelier over 10 years ago, and developed a growing appreciation for wine and how wine can enhance a meal or even an entire evening. He worked and interacted with top chefs including Rick Bayless and Amar Santana, vintners and business visionaries and, these relationships help galvanize his path.
Believing in an evolution in spirits market, he felt that fine tequilas would take their rightful place, and saw the future (the present now) of American Whiskeys. He knew that not only wine could have a positive impact on food, but also the right spirit, or cocktail, which is inspiring him to become a Mixologist under the tutelage of world-renowned Tony Abou-Ganim.
Having transitioned from the restaurant business, Miguel spent years working within the wine and spirits field broadening his experience and preparing for the right opportunity. Currently sharing a vision with friends, and industry pioneers, he is guiding the evolution, product development, and growth of a truly unique spirits and wine portfolio. Heritage, authenticity, and, timeless quality are traits that can best describe Miguel, attributes which are also embodied in the portfolio of fine American Bourbons and Rye whiskeys at Duke.
Miguel Rodriguez