Full Name
Peter Bakulic
Job Title
Local Expert
American Meadmakers Association Board
Speaker Bio
Pete was introduced to winemaking at an early age by his family, who are Americans of Croatian descent with a long history of winemaking. He often traveled to visit family and friends who grew wine grapes in Northern California, learning to harvest grapes and make wine.

He became interested in making mead in the late seventies about the same time he was learning about brewing. After his first taste of mead Pete was hooked and took to mead making with a passion. Having majored in microbiology and minored in chemistry he was always interested in the role of yeast during fermentation and the influence on the sensory aspects of mead, wine and beer.

Pete actively judges at mead, wine and beer competitions and has been on several different sensory panels tasked with recommending wine and spirits for corporate and private collections throughout Southern California. He is a featured presenter at the popular Mead Courses offered by the Honey and Pollination Center at the Robert Mondavi Institute on the U.C. Davis Campus. He also teaches meadmaking classes to local Home Brew Clubs and Bee Keepers associations.

Pete performs sensory evaluation of commercially produced mead on a contract basis for meaderies across the globe. In many cases his analysis and formulation recommendations have led to product changes that resulted in medals at several different mead competitions around the world. He is the current President of the Mazer Cup International Mead Competition, the largest mead competition in the world. Pete also founded the Home Meadmaker competition at the International Mead Festival in 2006 along with David Myers and Julia Herz of Redstone Meadery. He has worked closely with Vicky Rowe on GotMead.Com since 2004, where he is known as Oskaar.

Pete worked with Ken Schramm, Gordon Strong, Julia Herz, Susan Ruud, and other members of the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) to define the guidelines for the current Mead Judge Certification Program. He also contributed articles for inclusion in the course study guide. Pete was recently elected to the American Meadmakers Association Board of Governors for Home Meadmakers. He lives in Southern California with his dog Raalfe.
Peter Bakulic